That Japan Trip

Below are day-by-day posts from my travel diary / journal of our 2006 trip to Japan. Great fun was had by all… er, both of us.

the bright lights were calling me Day one – Arriving in Tokyo
In which we take a bus from the airport, and go in search of bright lights and dinner.
red pagoda 3 Day Two – Tokyo
Meeting up with a friend, old and new, and discovering marvellous tofu cuisine.
I approached the taxi, heavy-hearted Day Three – Tokyo to Nagoya
In which we eat sushi for breakfast and board a bullet train for Nagoya.
meet me when the leaves turn Day Four – Nagoya to Kyoto
In which we discover a temple and choose a pair of teacups.
stone lanterns Day Five – Nara and Kyoto
In which we tour the temple park and avoid being mugged by sacred deer with a biscuit habit.
I thought I saw you there Day Six – Kyoto
In which we walk through red tunnels and dine by the river.
rock and stone garden detail 2 Day Seven – Kyoto (Nanzen-ji)
In which we watch tigers leaping over a river, and enjoy walking outdoors in our socks.
Right station. Right train. I think. Day Eight – Kyoto to Fukui
In which we watch a talent show, and take the slow trains in Japan.
eihei-ji hall Day Nine – Eihei-ji
In which we visit a big temple and have another bath.
ishikawa-ken Day Ten – Fukui to Kanazawa
In which we drink gold tea and spend time in a geisha’s bedroom.
crazy tree Day Eleven – Kanazawa
In which we wander through other people’s houses and gardens, and eat Italian… er, Japanese… er, Italian food.
matsumoto trains 3 Day Twelve – Kanazawa to Matsumoto
In which we go up and up and up again, on a train into the mountains.
they thought fire would break it Day Thirteen – Matsumoto castle
In which we tour a 15th century pile, and generally laze about as if we were on holiday… erm, which we were.
red fuji Day Fourteen – Matsumoto (JUM)
In which we find a museum out there in a field somewhere, with art under the stairs, and tuck into apples as big as your head.
going home Day Fifteen – Matsumoto to Tokyo (Narita airport)
In which we speed across Japan, heading home.

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