About this blog

Welcome – New Tammany College is a blog that I published for 18 months, from January 2006 to June 2007. I am no longer posting to NTC, but please feel free to browse the archives.

The best posts on this blog are listed on this page of sample content.

There is also a popular series of posts about a trip I took to Japan in October 2006 listed on this page: That Japan Trip.

New Tammany College is (very loosely) inspired by the novel Giles Goat-Boy: Or, the Revised New Syllabus by John Barth.

Giles Goat-Boy

John Barth

In this blog I shared my thoughts and ideas. These emerged from my life – from what I was reading, my photography, my travel, films I watched, etc.

A quick glance at the list of categories will give you an idea of the main themes of NTC. Browse the categories to get a taste of the content.

You may notice the regular appearance of a character named MLW. She is My Lovely Wife.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back soon.

You can email me as well: gilesgoatboy AT gmail DOT com


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